About us


BaraGuz SlimT is the brainchild of the BaraGuz Family made up of Karen and Alexander BaraGuz. Karen was born in New York City although her family originally hails from the Dominican Republic.

Karen holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and she is currently a Biochemistry Honors student with a clear goal of becoming a doctor.

Alexander is a Canadian Architect from Montreal and holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Montreal. The two met and hit it off in Miami while Alexander was supervising an Architectural project.

By September of 2018, Karen and Alexander got married in Montreal. The duo are known amongst family, friends, and their steadily growing audience on social media to be fitness and health fanatics.

A few years into their marriage, Alexander developed Cholesterol issues. His health problems would see him visit different doctors and be prescribed many medications, but to no avail.

Alexander's health concerns would provide an opportunity for the power couple to explore, create, and test home-made remedies. By researching different exotic herbs and spices, the BaraGuz Family would develop home-made teas that helped to “NATURALLY" lower Alexander's LDL Cholesterol levels while improving his cardiovascular conditioning and general health.

This discovery would prompt a focused desire for more research to develop even more tea blends aimed at nourishing the body from within.

Alexander's poor health at the time was the eureka moment that inspired the development of a homemade tea blend that lowers LDL Cholesterol. However, the formation of BaraGuz SlimT is borne out of an unyielding desire to help people to live healthier, fitter, and happier lives.


We kick-off the process by first identifying and highlighting major health concerns. Then through diligent research, we find the perfect mixture of organic herbs and spices which will be infused with the highest quality of pure, rich tea leaves. This process produces a unique tea blend that will help minimize or even eliminate prevailing health issues.

Our tea blends are carefully prepared by our team using only the best possible ingredients and undergoing the most hygienic and safe process available. Our exquisite tea blends are subjected to thorough testing and approvals before they are recommended for human consumption.



● Mental and emotional health

● Physical health

A personal message
from Karen:

"A visit to the Dominican Republic in 2017 was a real eye-opener. Our plan was to meet up with my family and immerse ourselves in my roots. When my husband toured my family farm and witnessed my then 85-year-old grandfather still fit, strong and actively tending to the farm - he was astonished.

My grandfather wakes up at 5 AM every morning to milk cows and work religiously on our farm. But the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is drink tea. He also drinks his tea blend before bedtime. Without sounding like I am exaggerating;
my grandfather is very fit and strong even for his age.

Seeing how healthy my grandfather was at the time, my husband could not fathom how he could look so great compared to an average adult in their 60’s in the United States or Canada."

The answer is simple, less pills and MORE TEA!

"Now, fast-forward a few years later and you have a passionate tea drinking husband and a Dominican blending wizard wife mixing up herbs and spices to create the perfect tea blends. These blends are created with the best intentions - to help increase the quality of life of those who drink it.

Our main goal is always YOU."